This site is created by the TCU faculty evaluation committee to continue virtual discussions of how to create a meaningful and usable teaching evaluation process. This includes (but is not limited to) the updating of SPOT items and the online administration of the SPOT (now called the eSPOT).

All are welcome to comment on and create new issues for discussion. The foundation of this process is that teaching activities (and the associated learning activities) are crucial to the success of TCU as an institution of higher learning. Therefore, any modifications to the exisiting system should be done to improve teaching and learning at TCU. If in the process we also are able to become more "green" and more efficient, that is a good thing. But, the primary purpose of SPOT and/or eSPOT is to enhance teaching and learning by providing valid and reliable data from which to make decisions.

So, welcome to our eSPOT Wiki!

Faculty Evaluation Committee Members:
Judy Groulx, chair
Lyn Dart
Germán Gutiérrez
Stacy Landreth
Kenneth Leising
Helen Morrison
Rebecca Sharpless
Thomas Walsh
Patricia Warrington
Valerie Hancock DeSantis
Marilyn Tolbert
Student members: Blair Hancock, Barrington Hwang, Jenny Mason