Below is the current SPOTs draft, as reviewed by a faculty panel during the summer and fall of 2011 (see Faculty Review Panel page).
This draft has been recommended by our panel, by the University Evaluation Committee, and by the Academic Excellence Committee.
It has not yet been approved as a replacement for the current SPOTs. In the meantime we have continued to use the "old" items.

Items for TCU eSPOTs

Student information
  1. I consistently prepared before class.
  2. I was interested in taking this course.
  3. I worked hard to meet the requirements of this course.
  4. This course is a requirement (i.e. part of my major/minor/core requirements). YES/NO
  5. I am a major in the department offering this course. YES/NO
  1. The class assignments helped me learn.
  2. The instructor provided useful feedback on my work.
  3. The course activities and materials helped me achieve course objectives.
  4. The assignments and exams in this course were appropriately challenging and manageable.
  5. The syllabus clearly explains how my course grade will be calculated.
What worked well?
What are your suggestions for improvement?

Faculty/student interaction
  1. The instructor encouraged active involvement in this class.
  2. The instructor seemed interested in teaching this class.
  3. The instructor treated students fairly.
  4. The instructor created and maintained an atmosphere of civility and respect.
  5. I felt welcome to ask questions or make comments in class.
  6. I felt welcome seeking the instructor's help outside of class or online.
What worked well?
What are your suggestions for improvement?

  1. The instructor was well organized.
  2. The course was well structured.
What elements of the course organization worked well?
What are your suggestions for improvement in the organization of the course?

  1. Class time was used effectively to help me learn.
  2. The instructor provided clear explanations during class.
  3. I gained a sufficient amount of new information, knowledge, or understanding in this class.

What worked well in this course that helped you learn?
What are your suggestions for improving learning in this class?