Many questions have come up about how the eSPOT will be administered. This page is designed to give some answers to those questions.

NOTE: The Fall 2011 SPOT used the same items as have been in place for the past several years. SPOT forms were given to students in paper format, unless the department requested online administration.

When the system goes fully online:
Beginning of the Semester - faculty will be emailed about the option of adding personalized items to their eSPOT forms. There will be a core set of institution questions, but individual faculty can add items to any specific course. This option will be open for several weeks.

Last two weeks of the semester - as with the current SPOT, the eSPOT will be open for student responses for approximately 2 weeks (sometimes three depending on the Thanksgiving holiday dates). The evaluation period starts on a Wednesday and will be open so that they students have two Wednesdays, two Thurdays, two Fridays, two Mondays, and two Tuesdays. The evaluations will close after the last day of class (as per TCU policy).

Following Grade Submissions - once grades have been submitted across campus, an email will be sent to faculty containing a link for accessing their eSPOT results. Once there is more than one semester in the system, faculty can look at their eSPOT scores across semesters. The report that faculty will get will be similar to what is now received in the paper format OR it may be modified as TCU chooses. But, at first, the eSPOT report will contain the same information as the SPOT report. The faculty will get their emails at the same time as their department chairs and deans.

eSPOT Confidentiality - student responses to the eSPOT will be anonymous. Student names and emails are not associated with their responses.

eSPOT Reminder Emails - students who have not yet completed their eSPOTs will get regular reminder emails with their own personal link embedded in the email. Once a student has clicked on that link, it is no longer an active link. And, once a student responds, that student will no longer get the email reminders. Meanwhile, faculty members will also be able to monitor student response rates so that they can remind students to participate.