Advantages to using an online system.

1. We will be able to focus more on teaching and, thus, learning. The system we will be using for online student surveys has several advantages:
a. Ability to add questions specific to your course - you will be able to add items to your SPOT form so that students can respond to your course (text book, class activities, etc.). All of the eSPOT forms will have a core set of items (as we do now on the paper SPOTs), but with this new integrated system you will be able to add items that you choose in order to get very specific feedback from your students.
b. Faster feedback response about your course – you will have your responses in your email inbox days after grades are submitted. This means that you can use the feedback to modify your course for the upcoming semester if you feel the student comments warrant a change in the course.
c. Richer Student Feedback - Research indicates that students will write more comments and provide richer qualitative feedback when completing their evaluations online.
d. Longitudinal Data – You will be able to see your performance over time once there is more than one semester in the system.

2. We will have a more sustainable option. We currently use over 100,000 pieces of paper each year in SPOT forms, plus the printouts that get mailed with results. With Class Climate, students will be receiving invitation emails to complete the anonymous evaluation. Follow up emails will be sent only to students who have not submitted evaluations.

3. More instructional time – with an online evaluation, students will complete the evaluations on their own time, rather than taking up class time.